What is ItalianAware?

ItalianAware is an Italian advancement and watchdog organization for the 21st century. We are dedicated to preserving our culture and fighting back against stereotypes, while building an online Italian community.


What has ItalianAware done?

-Fought for AP Italian to be reinstated

-Began documenting America's Little Italies

-An early opponent of Jersey Shore, , My Big Friggin' Wedding and Real Housewives of New Jersey

-A book drive to increase the amount of Italian books in the Brooklyn Public Library

-Fought back against various stereotypes in the media over the last several years.

So, what will ItalianAware do for me?

We'll always work for you. The Italian community needs a place online to voice its concerns. We're able to achieve that through our social networking- like no other Italian group can. Our work speaks for itself- we've been endorsed by the Order Sons of Italy in America.

So, join our ongoing discussion. Members talk about a wide range of topics each and every day. Isn't it time your voice was heard?

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