Little Italies (don't see your favorite?)  



Manhattan's Little Italy is possibly the grandfather of all American Little Italies. It's old, refuses to leave a changing neighborhood and never forgets to remind us that the past was much better than the present...(read more)


Boston's Little Italy is unmatched when it comes to being unique- it is a large and thriving Italian neighborhood housed in one of America's most historic areas. The idea of being Italian American takes on a whole new meaning here...(read more)

Philadelphia's Italian Market- made famous by Rocky Balboa's training regimen, may not be what it used to be. Like many other Little Italies, this one seems to be in short supply of Italians. But, that's not to say that the Italian presence cannot be felt everywhere you turn...(read more)


Life is all about surprises, and Federal Hill was definitely one of the biggest. In a world where Little Italies are a dying breed, Federal Hill lets us know all is not lost; some Little Italies are alive and kickin'...(read more)


New Haven definitely puts the "Little" in Little Italy- its no bigger than a city block- spanning the length of Wooster Street. Its the first time we've seen a Little Italy not located in the center of a major city- and its low key vibe was the perfect touch...(read more)





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