E tu, Brute? It is unfortunate that some of the worst instances of anti-Italianism come from Italians themselves. Teresa Giudice consistently holds herself out as being ultra italian- and unfortunately, she uses her ethnicity as a shield for her behavior. Every time she does something morally reprehensible or just uncivilized, she blames it on being Italian. Speak for yourself Teresa. Millions of people are just as Italian as you are and would never act like this. Moreover, if they did act like this they would never blame it on their Italian heritage. Teresa Giudice should be ashamed of herself as she is an embarrasment to Italians the world over. - Please check it out and as always, feedback is more than welcome.

Listen for this classic line about throwing tables in the video below: " I just got mad, I guess its an Italian thing and we just do that. My father did it, my brother did it and now I did it."